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  • SA387 Gr11 CL2 heat-resistant steel plates stock
    SA387 Gr11 CL2 grade steel is a kind of boiler vessel steel plate, made of Cr-Mo heat-resistant steel. It can be used for steel plate used for cylinder and head (including base layer of composite steel plate).
  • Comparison of 35# steel and 45# steel
    The 35# steel plate has outstanding plasticity and proper strength, good process performance, and acceptable welding performance. It is mostly used under normalizing and quenching and tempering conditions.

    Comparison of 35# steel and 45# steel
    45# ste
  • 16Mo3 plate steel standard
    EN10028 standard 16Mo3 grade is a chrome molybdenum steel alloy for use in elevated working temperatures. The material is used as a weldable steel in the fabrication of industrial boilers and steel pressurized vessels found in the oil, gas and chemical in
  • S275J0 European carbon structural steel plate application and cutting
    S275J0 steel plate is carbon structural steel and low-alloy structural steel for engineering and structural steel. This type of steel is similar to the steel grades listed in my country's GB/T700 and GB/T1591. S275, S275J0, S275J0C, S275J2G3 (German stan
  • A709Gr.50 high strength low alloy steel specification
    A709 Grade 50 steel is better used for outside situation. When rolling these steel materials A709 Grade 50, for each reduction of 0.01% below the specified carbon maximum,an increase of 0.06 manganese above the specified maximum will be permitted up till
  • Grade AH32 marine steel plate
    Grade AH32 marine steel has excellent ductility. In addition, it must have high compressive strength, excellent corrosion resistance, electric welding characteristics, production processing characteristics and process performance.
  • CCS AH690 structural steel for ship and marine engineering
    CCS 690 series is structural steel for ships and marine engineering. The GB711-2011 standard is used in the manufacture of sAH690, DH690, EH690, FH690 steel plates with a thickness of not more than 150mm for navigating ships, fishing boats and marine engi
  • A283Gr.A steel to ASTM A283/A283M-2003 standard
    A283Gr.A steel to ASTM A283/A283M-2003 standard is a ASTM carbon structural steel grade. Carbon structural steel is a carbon steel with a carbon content of less than 0.8%. This steel contains less sulfur, phosphorus and non-metallic inclusions than carbon
  • Yield strength of SM570 steel
    The yield strength of SM570 steel plate is above 460MPa. Because 60Kg strength grade steel contains a variety of alloying elements, including microalloying elements, it can often achieve higher strength in the state of hot rolling or controlled rolling, b
  • Q420C steel grade
    The grade of Q420C steel consists of three parts: Chinese Pinyin letters representing yield strength, yield strength value, and quality grade symbol. among them
  • SS400 thick plate material size
    SS400 thick plate material size Katalor Industry can produce
    Thickness: 8-700mm Width: 1600-4000mm Length: 5000-18800mm
    SS400 thick plate is often rolled into wire rod or round steel, square steel, flat steel, angle steel, I-beam, channel steel, window
  • 16Mo3 boiler vessel plate price in Beijing market
    In early trading today, the price of 16Mo3 boiler vessel plate in the Beijing market is temporarily stable, and the quotation of A36 medium plate is temporarily stable. The current market mainstream quotation situation: Katalor Industry resources A36 stee
  • How to select SA387 boiler steel material?
    The size of the raw material used in the SA387 boiler steel plate rolling mill, that is, the thickness, width, and length of the raw material, directly affect the productivity of the rolling mill, the yield of the blank and the mechanical properties of th
  • why is Q235B widely used in the construction industry?
    The application of Q235B material is the most common, and the price is the cheapest, with the highest cost performance. For this grade, the requirements are extremely simple, as long as the yield strength is greater than or equal to 235MPA, or refer to th
  • AH420 steel for ships and marine engineering
    CCS/NV/GL420 steel is structural steel for ships and marine engineering, divided into four quality grades: A, D, E, F, namely AH420, DH420, EH420, FH420. H is high-strength building materials, and 420 is the lower yield strength. AH420 steel plate is used
  • Differences between S235J0 steel and S235J0W steel
    EN 10025-2 S235J0 carbon structural steel, 0°C impact, S235J0 is used to manufacture welding, bolting and riveting structures. S235J0W is a weather-resistant structural steel improved on the basis of S235J0. S235J0W is used for welding, bolting and riveti
  • CCS AH420 shipbuilding steel
    CCS 420 is a structural steel for ships and marine engineering, divided into four quality grades: A, D, E, and F, namely CCS AH420, CCS DH420, CCS EH420, CCS FH420. H is a high-strength building material, and 420 is the lower yield strength.
  • AB AH36 steel product specification
    AB AH36/ABS Grade AH36 ship steel plate specifications:
    Shapes: forgings, bars, plates, strips, rings, wires, flanges,
    AB AH36 ship plate steel bar specification range: diameter 6-500mm, length 0.5-30m;
    AB AH36 ship plate steel plate specification ran
  • CCS D hull structure steel quality control
    CCSD steel mills must deliver the goods in accordance with the specifications stipulated in the contract according to the requirements of the user and provide the original quality certificate. The certificate has the following contents:(1) Specification r
  • Seamless steel pipe acceptance standard
    Steel pipe size and shape inspection:
    ① Inspection of steel pipe wall thickness: micrometer, ultrasonic thickness gauge, no less than 8 points at both ends and record.
    ②Examination of steel pipe outer diameter and ovality: caliper, vernier caliper, ring
  • Seamless and welded type API 5L X42 PSL1 oil line pipe
    API 5L X42 PSL1 oil line pipes are widely used in petroleum and natural gas industries. We manufacture API 5L X42 PSL1 ERW pipes by using excellent quality of raw material. Our seamless and welded type API 5L X42 PSL1 round pipes are manufactured from op
  • API 5L X42 PSL2 welded pipes factory price direct sale
    API 5L X42 PSL2 welded pipe is one of the most popular and running grade in all API 5L Grades from API 5L B to X100. This is cost effective and durable for all Oil and Gas pipelines, It also used in power generation plants, oil refineries, sour service an
  • A283C carbon steel plates specification
    A283C material (ASTM A283 Grade C) is equal to A36, SS400, Q235B, S235JR steel grades. Katalor Industry Company is the first agent for big mills, and the A283C carbon steel is the main product. We can supply A283C steel plates, A283C steel strip, A283 GrC
  • The advantages of Katalor Steel A285 Grade C steel
    A285 Grade C plates rolling process: rolling system: finishing rolling reduction system: the total reduction rate of the last three passes ≥ 40%, the reduction rate of the finished product pass ≥ 10% (steel width ≥ 2200 mm or thickness ≥ 40 mm or later ro
  • Carbon element effect on SM490YB steel
    JIS G3106 SM490YB steel plate is a low-alloy high-strength steel with a strength σb not less than 490MPa. The carbon content of SM490YB steel is maximum 0.20.
    Carbon (C): Carbon content in SM490YB  steel increases, yield point and tensile strength increa
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