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  • Q355NC steel plate cutting
    Q355NC grade is a low-alloy structural steel. This steel has high strength, good fatigue resistance; high toughness and low brittle transition temperature. In a
  • What is the PVQ plate
    Pressure vessels are used for a variety of applications, most often in energy and transportation sectors.
    Pressure vessel quality (PVQ) plate is used to produce pressure vessels due to its tensile strength, notch toughness, ductility and fatigue charact
  • SUS309S high alloy stainless steel for heat exchanger
    SUS309S steel is a high alloy stainless steel, equivalent to 0Cr23Ni13, American standard 309S (American AISI, ASTM)SUS309S steel specification
  • A285 Gr.A material carbon steel for pressure vessels
    A285 Gr.A material is a medium and low-strength carbon steel plate for pressure vessels. It belongs to the American standard boiler vessel steel plate. It is mainly used to make fixed boilers, ship-hull boilers and other important boiler accessories.
  • ASTM A204 Grade C steel vs A285 Grade C steel
    A204 Grade C material is a molybdenum-alloy steel plate, intended particularly for welded boilers and other pressure vessels.
    ASTM A285 Grade C steel is a kind of carbon steel plates of low- and intermediate-tensile strengths which may be made by killed,
  • JIS G 3119 SBV2 alloy steel plates for pressure vessels
    Standard: JIS G 3119 Manganese-molybdenum and manganese-molybdenum-nikel alloy steel plates for boilers and pressure vessels
    Grade: SBV2
    Classification: Struct
  • Carbon steel grades Equivalent
    Carbon steel grades Equivalent Table (EN, SAE/AISI, DIN, BS, UNI, JIS)
    SAE-AISI 1045 steel is a carbon (non-alloy) steel formulated for primary forming into wrought products. 1045 is the designation in both the SAE and AISI systems for this material. G10
  • The prices of bulk commodities such as steel and coal have risen sharply
    In response to the recent sharp increase in the prices of bulk commodities such as steel, nonferrous metals, and coal, on May 18, Jin Xiandong, director of the Policy Research Office and spokesperson of the National Development and Reform Commission, resp
  • Cold rolled sheet coil prices in Shanghai market on May 14
    The mainstream trend of the latest price of cold-rolled sheet coils in the Shanghai market performed smoothly. The price of ST12 cold rolled coil 0.6*1250*C size: 7,600 yuan/ton, the price has not changed from yesterday. The price of ST12 cold rolled coil
  • SAE1006 grade what is the low carbon steel properties and application?
    SAE1006 grade is the standard of the American Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE is the American steel grade representation method, 10 means Mn is less than 1%, 08 means carbon content; the main difference between SAE1006, SAE1008, SAE1010, and SAE1012
  • DIN 17175 boiler pipe 16Mo3 for power plant
    DIN 17175 standard boiler pipe 16Mo3 is able to operate at a temperature as high as up to 600℃. Typically, such conditions are required in applications that involve the use of NFA 36–205 16Mo3 Seamless Pipe in the construction of boilers systems, pressure
  • ABS shipbuilding steel grades and specification
    ABS shipbuilding steels come many grades in ordinary-strength and higher-strength specifications. ABS Grades A, B, D, E are ordinary strength structural steel. ABS A131 Grades AH36, DH36, EH36, and FH36 are defined as higher strength and these grades are
  • S355JR non alloy structural steel to EN 10025-2
    S355JR non alloy structural steel to EN 10025-2 standard is used to manufacture hot-rolled flat and long products, which are subsequently used when producing steel building structures.
    “S” in the letters of S355JR material grade represents the steel as s
  • EN10225 S355G8+M offshore structural steel technical data
    S355G8 steel comes under the standard EN10225:2001 which the technical delivery condition for weldable steels for fixed offshore structures. S355G+M plates are the best quality from Katalor Industry. This means a very clean steel and physical properties t
  • The price of cold-rolled DC01 coil 0.5 0.8 0.9mm thickness
    The price of cold rolled steel in Wuhan market went smoothly on April 13. The price of cold-rolled DC01 coil 0.5mm*1250*2500: 6,050 yuan/ton, maintain yesterday's price. The price of cold-rolled DC01 sheet 0.8mm*1250*2500 size: 5970 yuan/ton, the price h
  • Q420GJE steel what are the mechanical properties
    Q420GJE steel plate is a steel plate for building structure, and it implements the standard GB/T 19879-2015.
    The grade of Q420GJE steel plate is composed of the Hanyu Pinyin letter (Q) representing yield, yield strength value, Hanyu Pinyin letter (GJ) re
  • SAE1030 hot rolled coils supply
    Received an inquiry from an Indian customer yesterday. According to user requirements, hot rolled steel coils made of SAE1030 are required, with a specific thickness of 2.0*95*C. We are no strangers to the brand of SAE, which is the brand in the standard
  • AH620, DH620, EH620, FH620 steel plates for sale
    CCS/NV/GL620 series steel is a structural steel for ships and marine engineering, divided into four quality grades A, D, E, F, namely AH620, DH620, EH620, FH620. H is a high-strength building material, and 620 is a lower yield strength.
  • P265GH boiler steel hot rolled plates stock in March
    EN 10028-2 P265GH material is a weldable pressure vessel and boiler steel grade used by the world’s industrial fabricators. It is ideally suited for elevated temperature service, is commonly found in the oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industry.
  • SM570 carbon steel plates application
    SM570 carbon steel plate has high strength and good fatigue resistance; high toughness and low brittle transition temperature; good cold forming performance and welding performance; good corrosion resistance and certain wear resistance.
  • SPCC cold rolled coil size price
    The latest price of cold rolled coils in Hangzhou market rose on March 3. The price of SPCC cold rolled coil 0.5*1250*C: 5990 yuan/ton, an increase of 50 from yesterday. The price of SPCC cold-rolled coil 0.6*1250*C size: 5,920 yuan/ton, an increase of 50
  • 12mm thick A36 carbon plate price
    On February 24, the price of plate in Xi'an market was temporarily stable, and the market transaction was average. The market price of 12mm thick A36 carbon
  • ASTM A36 hot rolled carbon plates stock in February
    ASTM A36 hot rolled carbon plates stock
    Category Grade Size(mm) Pieces Weight(tons) Origin Hot rolled plate A36
  • A106Gr.B seamless pipe price in Shanghai
    The latest price of A106Gr.B seamless pipe in Shanghai market on February 22nd, the mainstream trend performance rose. The price of A106Gr.B fluid pipe Ф108*4.5 (ASTM A106): 6590 yuan/ton, up 50. A106Gr.B fluid The price of tube Ф219*6 (ASTM A106): 6640 y
  • A514GrP steel application
    A514GrP steel plate has the characteristics of high tensile strength and high yield. A514GrP steel plate is a high-strength quenched and tempered alloy steel. It is an American standard steel plate. It is commonly used in the manufacture of equipment and
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