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Bridge steel plate Q345qC, Q345qD
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Bridge steel plate Q345qC, Q345qD

Katalor Industry is a leading suppplier of steel plates products in China. We can supply heavy plates, Z-direction steel (Z15, Z25, Z35), high-strength plate (Q390, Q420, Q460, Q550, AH60, AH70, AH80), bridge steel plate (Q345qC, Q345qD, Q345qE-Z performance plates), low alloy plates (Q345B, C, D, E), boiler vessel plates (Q245R, Q345R, Q370R, 16MNDR, etc.), wind tower plates (for wind tower structural steel, wind tower equipment only) Steel plate, wind tower steel, wind tower plate: Q345FTB / C / D / ES355B / C / D / E / etc.), high-strength ship plate (ABS-AH32, ABS-AH36, etc.), excellent carbon plate (45 #), Low alloy coils (Q345B, Q345C, Q345D), ordinary carbon coils (Q235C, Q235D), weathering steel (air corrosion resistant steel), spring steel (30MN, 65MN, etc.), wear-resistant steel (NM360, NM400, NM450, NM500, etc.), composite steel plate processing, coil reduction, normalizing and tempering outside the factory, cutting inspectio. We also have a professional sales team to guarantee customers’ interest.
    The company's main kinds of steel plate products are:
 Wind tower structural steel, steel plate for wind tower equipment, wind tower steel, wind tower plate: Q345FTB / C / D / ES355B / C / D / E / etc.
Z-direction plate: Z-direction plate: q235gjc-Z15, Z25, Z35, q345gjc-Z15, Z25, Z35, q235b-Z15, Z25, Z35, q345b-Z15, Z25, Z35, 45 # carbon junction plate, boiler middle plate: 20g, 16mng
Low alloy high strength board: Q345B / C / D / E, Q390B / C / D / E, Q420B / C / D / E, Q460B / C / D / E, Q550B / C / D / E, Q690B / C / D / E, 16MN, 15MN, 09MND, 09MNNID;
Bridge building steel plate: Q235qc, Q235qd, Q345qC, Q345qD, Q345qE, Q370qC, Q370qD, Q370qE, Q420qC, Q420qD, Q420qE.
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