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JIS G4051 S09CK steel
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JIS G4051 S09CK steel

JIS G4051 S09CK steel

S09CK is a kind of carbon steel with machinery manufacturing under the standard JIS G4051. JIS G4051 standard applies to produced by hot rolling, hot forging and other hot working, usually after forging, cutting, and machining and heat treatment and use Mechanical manufacturing with carbon steel. There are 23 grades under this standard. Those three grades S09CK, S15CK and S23CK are used for Surface infiltration carbon treatment.

JIS G4051 S09CK chemical composition:

Chemical composition %
C Si Mn P S
JIS G4051 S09CK 0.07-0.12 0.10-0.35 0.30-0.60 ≤0.025 ≤0.025

Note:1, CR content should not more than 0.20%. But according to the agreement, Cr may also be less than 0.30%.
2, The Cu content for S09CK should be less than 0.25%. Ni+Cr content should be less than 0.20%. But according to the agreement, Ni+Cr for S09CK may also be less than 0.40%.
JIS G4051 S09CK mechanical properties:

mechanical properties
Tensile strength  σb
Yield strength  σ^s
Elongation δ5(%)
The shrinkage and hardnessψ(%) Hardness
No heat treatment
min min min min max
S09CK 295 185 35 60 131HB

JIS G4051 S09CK steel has low strength, steel soft,good plasticity and toughness. S09CK is usually used in the manufacture of stamping parts and carburized parts, such as stamping products, sleeve, enamel products, automobile shell, etc.
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