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12mm thick A36 carbon plate price

12mm thick A36 carbon plate price

Posted:2021-02-25 15:12:02
On February 24, the price of plate in Xi'an market was temporarily stable, and the market transaction was average. The market price of 12mm thick A36 carbon plate is 4730 yuan/ton. The price of 14-25mm carbon steel medium plates is 4630 yuan/ton, and the price of 14-25mm low alloy plate is 4810 yuan/ton.
Specifically, the price of the medium plates after the holiday has increased significantly, and the prices of various varieties in the short-term external market have returned to expectations rationally. In the Xi'an market today, under the shock and correction of the black futures, the price increase of the medium plates slowed down, and the market quotation was firm. Affected by severe local weather, market transactions have slowed down, and some businesses have cut prices to facilitate transactions. Near the end of the month, mainstream steel mills in various regions successively announced maintenance plans. As an important consumer market in Northwest China, the decline in supply in Xi'an will affect the trend of local plate prices to a certain extent. In general, Xi'an's medium plates market still has room to rise after a brief correction.
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