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The differences between 42crmo4 steel plate and 42crmo steel plate

The differences between 42crmo4 steel plate and 42crmo steel plate

Posted:2022-01-18 10:09:49

1. Both 42CrMo4 steel plates and 42CrMo steel plates belong to alloy steel plates. 42CrMo4 alloy steel plate has the characteristics of high strength, high hardenability, good toughness, small quenching deformation, and high creep strength and lasting strength at high temperature. 42CrMo4 steel plate can be used as large gear for locomotive traction, supercharger transmission gear, rear axle, connecting rod and spring clip with great load, and can also be used for drill pipe joints and fishing tools in oil wells below 2000m, with good toughness and quenching The amount of deformation is small.

2. 42CrMo alloy steel plate has good mechanical properties and machinability, and is widely used. There are mainly two types of materials: plate and round bar. Its comprehensive performance is better than 40cr and has been recognized by the industry.

3. 42CrMo4 executive standard: EN 10083/3-2006, 42CrMo belongs to national standard high-strength alloy structural steel, executive standard: GB/T 3077-2015. The two have different implementation standards.

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