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Learn about A36 steel together

Learn about A36 steel together

Posted:2022-02-10 13:51:16

A36 steel is a low carbon steel with a carbon content of less than 0.3%, which allows A36 steel to be easily machined, welded and formed. The low carbon content also prevents the heat treatment from having a large effect on the A36 steel. A36 steel usually also contains small amounts of other alloying elements, including manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, and silicon. The addition of these alloying elements gives A36 steel the desired chemical and mechanical properties. Since A36 does not contain significant amounts of nickel or chromium, it does not have excellent corrosion resistance.

The ultimate tensile strength of A36 steel is 58,000 to 79,800 psi. The exact ultimate tensile strength is determined by a variety of factors including chemical composition and forming method. A36 is relatively ductile and can be stretched to about 20% of its original length in a tensile test. Its ductility and strength also give it good impact strength at room temperature.

A36 steel is widely used in many different industries due to its relatively low cost. Also, as mentioned, the mechanical properties of A36 steel make A36 steel particularly suitable for structural applications. Many bridges are constructed with A36 steel. Likewise, buildings are usually constructed of A36 steel because of its strength and toughness. A36 steel is also used in components in the automotive, construction, heavy equipment and oil and gas industries.

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