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St37-3 of strip mill

St37-3 of strip mill

Posted:2016-11-30 17:20:40

St37-3 of strip mill


St37-3 hot strip mill is composed of a roughing mill and finishing mill.


Half continuous and 3/4 continuous roughing mill components and the whole continuous three kinds:

(1) semicontinuous have a breaker (remove oxide) with frame and 1 with vertical roll reversible rack;

(2) 3/4 continuous is apart from the above frame, there are two serial continuous arrangement of frame;

(3) the continuous consists of 6 ~ 7 frame.


St37-3 finishing mill group all by 5 ~ 7 consecutive layout of frame and reel. St37-3 hot strip mill according to the length of roll body, after the roll length is more than 914 mm are called wide strip rolling mill. Finishing mill work roll roll length is 1700 mm, 1700 mm hot strip mill, the mill can produce 1550 St37-3 mm wide strip steel coil.


St37-3 width of strip hot rolling according to the product and production process has four ways: hot wide strip mills, wide strip reversing hot rolling, narrow strip mills, and with the planetary mill hot rolled strip steel


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