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A283Gr.A steel to ASTM A283/A283M-2003 standard

A283Gr.A steel to ASTM A283/A283M-2003 standard

Posted:2020-11-05 15:15:25
A283Gr.A steel to ASTM A283/A283M-2003 standard is a ASTM carbon structural steel grade. Carbon structural steel is a carbon steel with a carbon content of less than 0.8%. This steel contains less sulfur, phosphorus and non-metallic inclusions than carbon structural steel, and has better mechanical properties. Carbon structural steel can be divided into three categories according to different carbon content: low carbon steel (C≤0.25%), medium carbon steel (C is 0.25-0.6%) and high carbon steel (C>0.6%). Carbon structural steel is divided into two groups: normal manganese content (manganese 0.25%-0.8%) and higher manganese content (manganese 0.70%-1.20%) according to different manganese content, the latter has better mechanical properties And processing performance.
A283Gr.A steel plate size
Specifications: Thickness: 8-700mm
Width: 1600-4000mm
Length: 6000-18800mm.
Plate smelting method
A283Gr.A steel should be manufactured using one or more of the following processes: open hearth, basic oxygen converter, or electric furnace
Delivery status of A283Gr.A steel plate: hot rolled, controlled rolling, normalized delivery
A283Gr.A steel application range: suitable for riveting, bolting and welding structures for bridges and buildings. It is a carbon structural steel with structural steel quality for general purposes.
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