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Application of high quality Q235NH weathering steel plate

Application of high quality Q235NH weathering steel plate

Posted:2020-02-04 19:01:44

Q235NH weathering steel plate is one of BBN weathering steel plates. Because Q235NH weathering steel plate has good weathering performance, it is widely used in many industries. With the development of the construction industry, the market position of Q235NH weathering steel plate building materials is gradually increasing. Let's introduce the applications of Q235NH weathering steel plate.


Q235NH weathering steel plate is made of ordinary carbon steel with a small amount of copper, nickel and other corrosion-resistant elements. It has the characteristics of high-quality steel, such as strength, toughness, plasticity, forming, welding and cutting, abrasion, high temperature, fatigue resistance, etc.; meanwhile, Q235NH weathering steel plate has the characteristics of rust resistance, corrosion resistance, life extension, thinning and consumption reduction, energy saving, etc. Q235NH weathering steel plate is mainly used for railway, vehicle, bridge, tower and other steel structures exposed to  the atmosphere for a long time. Q235NH weathering steel plate is used to manufacture containers, railway vehicles, oil derrick, seaport buildings, oil production platforms and containers containing hydrogen sulfide corrosive medium in chemical and petroleum equipment.


To sum up, Q235NH weathering steel plate has been widely used in different fields. In recent years, Q235NH weathering steel plate has been gradually developed in the field of container transportation. The application of the weathering steel plate in containers has increased the service life of containers and brought good guarantee for the transportation industry. If you are looking for high quality Q235NH weathering steel plate, please contact us in time. We will provide high quality Q235NH weathering steel plate price and quality.

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