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ASTM A 709 Gr. 50W weathering steel welding

ASTM A 709 Gr. 50W weathering steel welding

Posted:2021-07-01 10:42:50
Whether ASTM A 709 Gr. 50W weathering steel can use the JCO double-sided three-wire submerged arc welding process to achieve reliable connection and obtain corrosion-resistant welded joints; not only depends on the properties of ASTM A709 Gr. 50W steel itself, but also depends on the matching of welding materials, especially welding Whether the process is reasonable. When the weld metal structure of ASTM A709Gr50 weathering steel welded seam obtains fine AF, the impact absorption energy of the weld metal is increased.
The production process of oxygen top-bottom combined blowing converter → LF furnace refining → slab continuous casting → controlled rolling to produce A709-50W weather-resistant structural steel plate for bridges. By formulating suitable smelting, continuous casting and rolling processes for our plant, effective measures combining microalloying technology and controlled rolling and cooling technology are adopted to improve the overall performance of the steel plate, especially the low-temperature impact toughness.
The A709-50W weather-resistant bridge steel produced is in full compliance with the requirements of ASTM A709/A709M-06, and the physical quality has reached the international level. A709-50W weathering steel products are exported to Europe, America and other places, and have been well received by users.
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