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Metallurgical technology:Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance obtains new qualification for the first time

Metallurgical technology:Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance obtains new qualification for the first time

Posted:2020-01-06 16:26:14

  On December 12, the members meeting of the Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance and the second session of the fifth session of the Council and Expert Committee of the Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance were held in Beijing. It was reported at the meeting that in 2019, the Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance obtained the qualifications of the first batch of national network pilots of the Ministry of Science and Technology (a total of 5), and passed the review to complete the registration; and 3 new alliance member units such as Bengang Group Co., Ltd. An alliance agreement was signed, and 4 companies, including China University of Petroleum, applied to join the alliance unit.

  Chi Jingdong, vice chairman of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, affirmed the work of the Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance in his speech. He pointed out that since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance has focused on research on key common technologies of the corrosion resistant steel industry and the development of key products, focusing on transmission towers, offshore engineering, oil and gas pipelines, bridges, railways and other aspects. Research, played the role of collaborative innovation platform, planned and implemented the Alliance's "13th Five-Year Plan" scientific research project, and achieved significant results. The Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance strengthens the collaborative innovation of production, teaching and research, and consolidates the upstream and downstream innovation resources of the industry to form a synergy. This form well implements the requirements of the national innovation-driven strategy and has a profound impact on the development of the steel industry in the future.

  The meeting also put forward the work priorities of the Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance in 2020, that is, to promote the continuous development of the Alliance's scientific research projects, and to do a good job in the "13th Five-Year" scientific research projects and the "14th Five-Year" scientific research projects. Organized alliance units to conduct project exchanges on common technical research on offshore engineering steels and corrosion-resistant petroleum pipes; established a corrosion resistance steel group standard corrosion resistance steel standardization working group; strengthened contact with upstream and downstream users of the corrosion resistance steel related industries Promote the expansion and improvement of the alliance team; gradually strengthen the construction of the cooperation platform of the innovation base of the alliance, and give priority to the industrialization of scientific research results in enterprises within the alliance.

  The meeting also discussed and approved the proposal to change the members of the Board of Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance, the Committee of Experts, and the Secretariat, the proposal to add a new member of the Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance, and the proposal of the Deputy Secretary-General of the Corrosion Resistant Steel Alliance.

  In addition, Zhang Jiangjiang, deputy director of the Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Institute of Sinopec Northwest Oilfield Company, Sun Jianbo, a professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China), and Lu Minxu, a professor at the University of Science and Technology of China, respectively gave the titles of Present situation and demand common technology research report, "Research on Corrosion Failure and Protection of Oil and Gas Pipes in Harsh Environments", "Improving the Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistance of X80 Steel Service", participating experts exchanged technical issues involved.(source from

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