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Mild steel A283 C chemical composition

Mild steel A283 C chemical composition

Posted:2020-02-18 15:56:49

  A283 Grade C steel is a mild steel carbon steel. It has good formability, weld-ability and durability. These Plates are available in various shapes, sizes and thickness and also can be customized according to the requirements of our clients. Our A283 C plates can be processed using normal processes like cutting, forming drilling/ machining, grinding and testing. These ASTM A283 Grade C mild steel plate are used in various industries like petrochemical industry, ship building, engineering, general structural purposes, offshore and onshore services.

  Mild steel A283 C chemical composition (%)

  Carbon, Max. 0.24; Manganese, Min. 0.90; Silicon,0.15-0.40; Sulphur, Max. 0.04; Phosphorous, Max. 0.035.

  Mechanical Properties for mild steel A283 C plates:

  Tensile Strength Mpa (kgf/mm²): 55,000 75,000 psi [380 - 515 MPa]

  Yield Strength. Mpa ( Kg/mm²) Min: 30,000psi [205 MPa]

  Elongation in 2": 25% min

  Elongation in 8": 22% min

  Our ASTM 283 Grade C mild steel plates have a 60ksi rigidity that is uniformly conveyed, they are temperature and erosion safe. Its low carbon level encourages great machinability and formability, which is the reason temperature controlled capacity tanks are produced using ASTM 283 mild steel review C Plates.

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