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S420M high-strength structural steel chemical composition

S420M high-strength structural steel chemical composition

Posted:2020-12-19 15:02:05
S420ML is a European standard high-strength structural steel plate similar to the national standard Q420q. It has good mechanical properties and process performance, and high hardenability. The addition of vanadium can refine the steel grain, reduce overheating sensitivity, and improve strength and toughness. , Has high fatigue strength, high yield ratio, but poor weldability, and relatively low cold deformation plasticity.
S420ML chemical composition:
C: 0.51~0.59
Mn: 0.50~0.80
S: ≤0.025
P: ≤0.025
Cr: 0.50~0.80
Ni: ≤0.35
Cu: ≤0.25
S420M steel plate delivery status: S420M steel plate is delivered in thermomechanical rolling condition; steel plate should be delivered by shearing or flame cutting. The rolling process of final deformation within a certain temperature scale results in a certain material condition that can only be heat-treated, otherwise it cannot be completed or repaired.
S420M steel plate is suitable for heavy-duty parts of welded structures used in environmental and low temperature conditions, such as bridges, sluices, storage tanks, water supply tanks, etc.
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