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SAE1006 grade what is the low carbon steel properties and application?

SAE1006 grade what is the low carbon steel properties and application?

Posted:2021-05-07 09:51:21
SAE1006 grade is the standard of the American Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE is the American steel grade representation method, 10 means Mn is less than 1%, 08 means carbon content; the main difference between SAE1006, SAE1008, SAE1010, and SAE1012 is the carbon content.
SAE1006 low carbon steel has the characteristics of high elongation, smooth surface to achieve mirror effect, thickness standard, flat plate shape, rust resistance, etc. It is suitable for various metal stamping and has good tensile properties. Such as LED brackets, stators, lighting, fans, motorcycle fuel tanks, household appliances, rice cookers and other hardware products. Using SAE1006, the production facilities are equipped with hot-rolled plate surface treatment pickling line, bright bell-type annealing furnace, four-roller reversible cold rolling, and equipped with a plate surface precision leveling unit, a stress-relieving plane tension leveling machine, and a high-precision slitting unit.
SAE1006 low-carbon steel spot is relatively small, generally it is customer fixed-rolling futures. Order rolling delivery of SAE1006 carbon steel plates, delivery time is 20 days, and can also order the futures of major steel mills, which is 1/4 to 1/2 cycle ahead of the delivery time of steel mills.
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