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SAE1030 hot rolled coils supply

SAE1030 hot rolled coils supply

Posted:2021-04-01 15:46:23
Received an inquiry from an Indian customer yesterday. According to user requirements, hot rolled steel coils made of SAE1030 grade are required, with a specific thickness of 2.0*95*C. We are no strangers to the brand of SAE, which is the brand in the standard established by the American Society of Automotive Engineers. The common grades in our country are No. 30 steel or No. 35 steel. What kind of supply method will we adopt for this customer?

Because our company has been operating high-quality carbon steel, especially materials that require quenching and tempering, we have maintained certain agreements with various domestic steel mills. Meet the general conventional, such as 40Mn, 45, 65Mn, 50. If there are customers who require special specifications, such as 8.2mm, 6.2mm, we can order with steel mills as a single piece weighing 20 tons. And some regular sizes, we have the specifications in our own library.

For the sample that this user needs, because SAE1030 hot rolled coil is a rare material in China, ordinary requirements can wait for the steel plant to produce it and sample it. However, for the hardness requirements, it needs to be below hrb90 degrees, and a special condition is added. All supplies have increased the difficulty, and we can only wait for now.
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