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Seamless steel pipe acceptance standard

Seamless steel pipe acceptance standard

Posted:2020-09-14 13:52:21
1.Steel pipe size and shape inspection:
① Inspection of steel pipe wall thickness: micrometer, ultrasonic thickness gauge, no less than 8 points at both ends and record.
②Examination of steel pipe outer diameter and ovality: caliper, vernier caliper, ring gauge, measure the maximum and minimum points.
③ Steel pipe length inspection: steel tape measure, manual and automatic length measurement.
④ Inspection of steel pipe curvature: straightedge, level (1m), feeler gauge, thin wire to measure the curvature per meter and the full length curvature.
⑤ Inspection of the bevel angle and blunt edge of the steel pipe end face: square, chuck.

2. Steel pipe surface quality inspection: 100%
①Artificial visual inspection: lighting conditions, standards, experience, signs, steel pipe rotation.
②Non-destructive inspection:
a. Ultrasonic flaw detection UT:
It is more sensitive to the surface and internal crack defects of various materials with uniform materials.
Standard: GB/T 5777-1996 Level: C5
b. Eddy current flaw detection ET: (electromagnetic induction)
Mainly sensitive to point (hole-shaped) defects. Standard: GB/T 7735-2004
Level: B level
c. Magnetic particle MT and magnetic flux leakage detection:
Magnetic inspection is suitable for the detection of surface and near surface defects of ferromagnetic materials.
Standard: GB/T 12606-1999 Level: C4
d. Electromagnetic ultrasonic flaw detection:
No coupling medium is required, and it can be used for high-temperature, high-speed, rough surface flaw detection of steel pipes.
e. Penetration inspection:
Fluorescence, coloring, detection of surface defects of steel pipes.
3.Steel management performance inspection:
①Tensile test: measure stress and deformation, determine the strength (YS, TS) and plasticity index (A, Z) of the material
Longitudinal, horizontal sample tube section, arc, round sample (¢10, ¢12.5)
Small diameter, thin wall, large diameter, thick wall calibration distance.
Note: The elongation of the sample after breaking is related to the size of the sample GB/T 1760
②Impact test: CVN, notched C type, V type, work J value J/cm2
Standard sample 10×10×55 (mm) Non-standard sample 5×10×55 (mm)
③Hardness test: Brinell hardness HB, Rockwell hardness HRC, Vickers hardness HV, etc.
④Hydraulic test: test pressure, voltage stabilization time, p=2Sδ/D
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