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What are the classifications of complex section steel

What are the classifications of complex section steel

Posted:2021-11-29 09:34:24

Complicated section steel is also called special-shaped steel, which is a kind of section steel and is different from the name of simple section steel. Complex section steel mainly includes I-beam ssteel, channel steel, rail and so on.

I-beam steel: There are standard I-beam steel, light-duty I-beam steel and wide-leg I-beam steel. The height of the standard I-beam waist is 100~600mm, correspondingly called No.10~No.60 I-beam. The inner side of the standard I-beam edge has a slope of 14%. The height of the light I-beam waist is 100~320mm, correspondingly called No.10~No.32 light I-beam. The height of the wide-leg I-beam waist is 80~1200mm, correspondingly called No.8~No.120 wide-leg I-beam. Because the edges of the wide-leg I-beam steel are parallel to each other on both sides, it is also called H-shaped steel.

Channel steel: The waist height of standard channel steel is 50~450mm, correspondingly called No.5~No.45 channel steel. The inner slope of the edge of the standard channel steel is 9%.

Rails: All types of rails are expressed in terms of the weight per meter length of their specifications. 7~24gk/m is mine rail, 38~75gk/m is railway heavy rail, 80~120gk/m is crane rail.

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