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What is the application of S500MC pickling plate?

What is the application of S500MC pickling plate?

Posted:2020-12-11 10:50:24
BBN steel can supply S500MC pickling plates, high-strength stamping steel, automotive structural steel, mainly in the form of steel coils.
The main uses of S500MC pickling plate in the automotive industry are as follows: automotive chassis systems, including beams, auxiliary beams, etc. Wheels, including rims, wheel radiation, etc. Cabin board. The compartment board is mainly the compartment floor of various trucks. Other stamping parts, including anti-collision bumpers, brake sleeves and other small internal parts of automobiles.

Applications in the machinery industry (excluding automobiles) mainly include textile machinery, mining machinery, fans and some general machinery.

Light industrial appliances are mainly used to manufacture compressor shells, brackets, water heater inner tanks, etc. Chemical oil drums.

Other bicycle parts, various welded pipes, electrical cabinets, highway guardrails, supermarket shelves, warehouse shelves, fences, iron ladders, and stamping parts of various shapes.

In addition, applications include the manufacture of compressor housings and upper and lower covers for household refrigerators and air conditioners, pressure vessels and mufflers for power compressors, and bases for screw air compressors. Among them, household refrigerators and air-conditioning compressors use more pickling plates, which require higher deep drawing performance. The materials are mainly SPHC, SPHD, SPHE, S550MC, the thickness range is 1.0-4.5mm, and the required specifications are 2.0-3.5mm.
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