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What is the hot rolled flat steel?

What is the hot rolled flat steel?

Posted:2020-03-17 14:07:51
Hot-rolled flat steel is a general-purpose rolled steel bar with a rectangular cross section. Its specifications are expressed in millimeters of thickness * width. Flat steel can be finished steel for components, staircases, bridges, and fences. Flat steel can also be used as welded steel blanks and slabs for laminated sheets. (Material: Q215, Q235), executive standard: GB704-1988 instead of GB704-83, this standard applies to general-purpose hot-rolled flat steel with a thickness of 3 ~ 60mm, a width of 10 ~ 200mm, and a rectangular cross section. Delivery status: Flat steel is delivered in straight bars. Measuring method: Flat steel of fixed length and length is delivered according to the theoretical weight.

Forged flat steel is a long rectangular steel plate with a rectangular cross section. Forging unfairness can obtain forgings of a certain shape and size, and at the same time can significantly improve the as-cast microstructure of the steel and increase the density of the steel; it can change the distribution of the fiber structure, remove anisotropy, and improve the mechanical properties of the metal. Toughness has been improved; and high-grade steels and high-alloy steels with lower plasticity can be processed. Forged flat steel is mainly high-quality alloy steel, mainly used as springs, tools and important mechanical parts. The specifications of forged flat steel are expressed in millimeters of thickness * width, and the specifications are 20mm * 40mm ~ 160mm * 300mm.
Executive standard: GB / T16761—1
Section steel is one of the four major types of steel (plate, tube, profile, wire). According to the section shape, the section steel is divided into a simple section section and a complex section section (shaped steel). The former refers to square steel, round steel, flat steel, angle steel, hexagonal steel, etc .; the latter refers to I-beam, channel steel, rail, window frame steel, curved steel, etc.
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