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why is Q235B widely used in the construction industry?

why is Q235B widely used in the construction industry?

Posted:2020-10-19 10:26:23
Speaking of Q235B, everyone is familiar with it. The application of this material is the most common, and the price is the cheapest, with the highest cost performance. For this grade, the requirements are extremely simple, as long as the yield strength is greater than or equal to 235MPA, or refer to the corresponding grade SS400 in the JIS standard, and the tensile strength is greater than 400. Determined by these two physical properties, it is often used in structures or some flat panel applications.
What material is Q235B cold rolled plate? Q235B is usually supplied in hot-rolled ordinary carbon structural steel, which is extremely cost-effective. Then it is hot-rolled, then the surface is hot-rolled, and its bending performance and elongation performance are not very high. Requirements. Therefore, the usual hot-rolled Q235B is not suitable for more complicated stamping and forming production, such as 90 degree bending or deep drawing. At this time, the cold-rolled plate Q235B can make up for this defect. It can not only obtain high tensile properties, but also have high tensile strength. In addition, it can also have a delicate surface and precise thickness. , It is convenient for spraying, and the product surface is beautiful.
So what are the specifications of cold-rolled plate Q235B? At present, BBN GROUP can produce Q235B cold-rolled plates with a thickness of 0.25mm~9.0mm. According to the current production of large steel mills, cold-rolled plates Q235B with a width of 1250mm or even a width of 1800mm can be supplied in the thickness of 0.6mm~4.0mm, but if you need customized cold-rolled steel strips, or have high precision requirements, then You have to customize it according to your needs.
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