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Yield strength of SM570 steel

Yield strength of SM570 steel

Posted:2020-11-03 14:03:29
SM570 steel is a low-alloy high-strength steel. It is mainly used for welded structures, construction and bridges, railway vehicles, oil and gas exploration, storage and transportation, boilers and pressure vessels.

The yield strength of SM570 steel plate is above 460MPa. Because 60Kg strength grade steel contains a variety of alloying elements, including microalloying elements, it can often achieve higher strength in the state of hot rolling or controlled rolling, but the impact toughness fluctuates greatly and the performance is not stable. Obviously The hot rolling process, especially the final rolling temperature and cooling rate, have a huge impact on performance.

For the SM570 extra-thick plate, the adaptability of controlled rolling is even more restricted, and it is more difficult to balance strength and toughness. Normalizing has the advantages of uniform and stable steel structure and performance, high qualification rate, and easy control of the production process. For customers, in some places where hot forming or final heat treatment is required for the structure, it is also very advantageous to use normalized steel, because this will not happen after hot forming or heat treatment like hot rolled or controlled rolled steel sheets. The intensity has dropped drastically.

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