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JIS3106 SM520B/C rolled steel
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JIS3106 SM520B/C rolled steel

JIS3106 SM520B/C rolled steel

JIS3106 SM520B/C hot rolled steels to be used for bridges,ships,rolling stocks,petroleum storage tanks,containers and other constructions that are required superiority in weldability.

SM520B material applicable steel plate,coil,section and flat 100 or under.

SM520C material applicable steel plate,coil and section 100 or under.

SM520B/C material chemical composition:

Grade C Si Mn P S
SM520B 100mm or under in thick 0.20 max 0.55 max 1.60 max 0.035 max 0.035 max

JIS3106 SM520B/C rolled steel mechanical properties

Grade Yield point of proof stress N/mm2 Tensile strength N/mm2 Elongation
Thickness of steel product mm Thick of steel product mm Thickness of steel product mm %
16 or under Over 16 up to incl.40 Over 40 up to incl.75 Over 75 up to incl.100 Over 100 up to incl.160 Over 160 up to incl.200 100 or under Over 100 up to incl.200
SM520B SM520C 365 min 355 min 335 min 325 min -- -- 520-640 -- 5 or under 19 min
Over 5 up to incl.16 15 min
Over 16 up to incl 50 19 min
Over 40 21 min

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