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16Mo3 boiler vessel plate price in Beijing market

16Mo3 boiler vessel plate price in Beijing market

Posted:2020-10-23 09:28:31
In early trading today, the price of 16Mo3 boiler vessel plate in the Beijing market is temporarily stable, and the quotation of A36 medium plate is temporarily stable. The current market mainstream quotation situation: Katalor Industry resources A36 steel 20mm specification price 3960 yuan/ton, A36 steel 16mm specification price 4080 yuan/ton; 16Mo3 boiler vessel price from Katalor Industry is 4,510 yuan/ton.
Affected by the decline in black futures, the market is bearish, merchants are willing to ship goods, and low-price shipments increase. Merchants said that the willingness of downstream purchases was not strong, and the overall transaction was light. In terms of inventory, the current 16Mo3 medium plate inventory in the local market is average, and there are not many boiler container plates in stock, and most of them are directly issued by steel plants. The local market inventory is around 6,200 tons, a slight decrease from last week. On the whole, market demand has been weak, and it is expected that the local market mid-board will continue to maintain weakening operations in the near future.
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