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  • ASTM1050 steel
    Katalor can supply all the 1050 steel type, such as 1050 steel plate, 1050 steel pipe, 1050 steel bar and so on with the most competitive price,if you need ASTM1050 steel,contact us!
  • ASTM1045 steel
    1045 steel is always used under the station normalizing because of it’s poor hardenability and by quenching and tempering when requiring high mechanical properties,katalor is ASTM1045 steel supplier,if you need ASTM1045 steel,contact us!
  • ASTM1040 steel
    Katalor is a professional ASTM1040 steel exporter and stockist. We keep thousands of 1040 steel plate, 1040 round bar, 1040 steel pipe in our warehouse. So if you have need for ASTM1040 steel specification, contact us!
  • ASTM1030 steel
    ASTM1030 is usually used in the normalizing condition and 1030 is used for manufacturing bolt, nut, leverage, and small parts working under high stress,katalor is ASTM1030 steel supplier,if you need ASTM1030 steel,contact us!
  • ASTM1025 steel
    Katalor is the ASTM1025 steel supplier,If you have need for ASTM1025 steel, please email to us, so that we can offer you the best 1025 steel price.
  • ASTM1020 steel
    ASTM 1020 is under the standard ASTM A29/A29M-04,Shanghai Katalor Industry Co., Ltd is very specificated in the production for ASTM1020 steel,if you need ASTM1020 steel,contact us!
  • ASTM 1015 steel
    ASTM 1015 is high - quality carbon structural steel under the standard ASTM A29/A 29M-05,katalor is ASTM 1015 steel supplier,if you need ASTM 1015 steel,contact us!
  • ASTM 1010 steel
    ASTM 1010 is an American steel grade under the standard ASTM A29/A29M-04.ASTM1010 heat treatment regime is normalizing, 930℃ and ASTM1010 for metallographic structure is ferrite and pearlite,if you need ASTM 1010 steel,contact us!
  • ASTM 1006 steel
    katalor is a professional AISI 1006 steel supplier. We can supply ASTM 1006 steel plate and steel forged bar. As we are the agent for many Chinese big steel mills,if you need ASTM 1006 steel,contact us!
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